ith mental disabilities▓ and a lack of public awareness, a mere 20 percent of young people with mental illnesses worldwide g▓et proper treatment."In a choice be▓tween psychologi

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dvise the latter," said Cao Qingjiu, head of children's ward at Peking University Sixth Hospital. "If a child's anxiety or depression impairs daily functioning, take them to the hospital immedi▓ate

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ly."In Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, a middle school recently installed closed-circuit TV cameras in classrooms to capture students' facial expressions and behavioral changes to assess their ab▓ility to

Church Activities

concentrate in class.Cao said security cameras c▓an help identify children with ADHD. "A fle▓eting moment of absence of mind is normal, but if a student ▓keeps fidgeting and can't focus for a long time, he should go see a doctor," he said.Liu, the clinical psychologist, described a phenomenon preval▓ent among hi

s visitors at the hospital."Two-thirds of my patients were sent far aw

ay to their grandparents in early childhood," Liu said. "The sense of being abandoned frustrates them and renders them vulnerab▓le to e


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motional anxiety."Liu added that


ith mental il▓lness

parents should stay close to their children▓ as much as possible before age 6."No matter how busy you are as a millennial parent, it's your responsibility to rear your children and▓ giv

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